Contacts, Addresses & Information

For your convenience, we have provided the names and telephone numbers for your key contacts at JKB Living, Inc. After you have moved in, please address all correspondence to the main office at:

JKB Living, Inc.
Warranty Service Department
P.O. Box 2998
Turlock, CA 95381-2998

The Warranty Service Department is open from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM on regular business days. Please contact us via telephone or fax at:

1-209-634-5913 (Fax)
After Hours Emergency* Warranty Service:

JKB Living

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Emergency Warranty Service

JKB Living, Inc. Warranty Service Department is responsible for administering the terms of your limited warranty program and ensuring your satisfaction. JKB Living, Inc. representatives are trained to respond to your needs promptly and professionally.

Your most common interaction with JKB Living, Inc. Warranty Service will be after you move in. Please take a moment now to read the JKB Living, Inc. Warranty Service policy. This will help assure excellent service after you move in.

Warranty Service Policy

It is our policy that Warranty Service responds to all warranty service claims as quickly and efficiently as possible. If any warranty repairs arise during the limited warranty period, they will be scheduled for completion within 30 days of our receipt of your written request. Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, this process may take more than 30 days. Delays can be caused by shortage of materials, back ordered parts from manufacturers, labor problems or weather.

Some service calls will need to be scheduled according to the scope of work necessary. For example, drywall repairs might be done at one time and repairs to doors and cabinets might be done at another time. This enables the Warranty Service Department to complete repairs efficiently.


How To Request Warranty Service

Your Limited Warranty period begins the day you close escrow on your home. For your records, to assure quality and so that we may maintain a complete file on your property, requests for service must be submitted in writing to the JKB Living, Inc. main office. Please fill out a Warranty Service Request Form completely, including your home site number, address, work and home phone numbers. Provide a brief description of the work requested and its location in your home. For example, please indicate the room, the location in the room and a general description of the problem. Copies will be provided at the Homeowner Orientation. Mail, fax or deliver your written request for service to:

PO BOX 2998
TURLOCK, CA 95381-2998

The Warranty Service Department is open from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM on regular business days. Please contact us via telephone or fax at:

1-209-634-5913 (Fax)

After Hours Emergency* Warranty Service: 1-209-577-7797

When we receive your request for service, our staff will make a determination if the item is covered by the Limited Warranty, if it is the responsibility of a manufacturer, or if it is your responsibility.

Usually, we will inspect the problem to have a complete understanding of the request. Inspections can take from one to two weeks.

Building industry standards will be used to select the materials and the workmanship practices that are employed in warranty service repairs and replacements. We will not be responsible for expenses, including lost wages, that you incur for work that is done by others. Our Warranty Service Representatives in the field do not have permission to authorize repair work by others, and they do not have the authority to extend or alter your Limited Warranty in any way. Any unauthorized work will void our warranty.

We take pride in maintaining high standards of quality. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of work or the level of professionalism displayed by one of our subcontractors or employees, please contact our Warranty Service Department immediately. Your comments help us to maintain the high level of service that you deserve.

In Case Of An Emergency

* We define emergencies as problems that require immediate attention to protect you and your family from harm and to avoid damage to your property, your home or your lot. These problems include:

  • A total stoppage of the plumbing drain system during the two weeks following the close of escrow. (For information on stoppages after the first two weeks, refer to the Limited Warranty section in this manual.) If your plumbing system ceases to work, none of your sinks, tubs or toilets will function properly.
  • A water leak that requires that the water supply to your home be shut off to avoid serious water damage. A leak that can be isolated by the shutoffs under the cabinet or plumbing fixture is not an emergency. Please refer to the water shutoff procedure in your homeowner’s guide.
  • A total electrical failure other than an outage in the neighborhood.
  • Loss of heating or air conditioning during extreme weather conditions.

In case of an emergency, your first step should be to protect your family from harm. Once you are sure of their safety (and if your safety will not be jeopardized) you should take steps to correct or lessen the effects of the emergency.

Damage from a water leak can be minimized by turning off the water to a particular fixture or turning off the water main to your home.

In case of any other emergency, please call the Warranty Service Department. Do not delay in reporting an emergency. Subsequent damage caused by a delay in reporting an emergency will not be the responsibility of JKB Living, Inc. Damage to personal property is not covered by the Limited Warranty.


If your situation does not fall within the emergency guidelines, you should use the procedures outlined in this manual for requesting routine warranty service. Warranty Service Request form will be provided at the Homeowner Orientation.